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Clever Poppy is all about giving you the chance to take time out to create something beautiful for your home, without the hassle of sorting out instructions, figuring out where to buy supplies and creative planning. I hope you enjoy seeing what we have to offer, and feel inspired and confident to give some creative DIY a go...

DIY Fur Stool

Let me show you how to make a gorgeous fur stool for your home, without the luxury price tag!


One of my favourite interior decor trends is using beautiful sheepskin rugs to add cosiness and warmth to a space. So when I was asked to develop a new DIY project with Scotch® Super 77™ Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive, my first thought was to use it to make a fur topped stool...and I am so pleased it worked a treat!


This project is unbelievably easy (you don't even need a staple gun) and it's totally affordable compared to buying a piece of upholstered furniture. This is my kind of project :) 

Here's the step by step instructions:

You will need:

  • a wooden stool with a flat top (you can also try with other materials such as metal, but for this tutorial I did all my testing with the wooden Mocka Hudson kids mini stool)
  • Sheepskin or any other type of fur or faux fur that takes your fancy. I used a Tibetan Lamb square from a leather supply shop (link here) but you can also buy faux fur at a fabric shop, or use an offcut from a cushion or throw.
  • Scotch® Super 77™ Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive, which you can buy at Warehouse Stationery here
  • Sharp scissors
  • Marker pen
Step One: 

Turn your stool upside down and draw a circle around it on the sheepskin. Then cut a circle out that is about 5cm wider.

Step Two:

Hold the can 6-8 inches from surface, then spray a couple of thin layers of glue inside the circle of the sheepskin. Let this dry.

Step Three: 

Spray another two lights coats inside the circle on the sheepskin and then also spray two thin coats on the top of the stool.

Step Four:

Wait approx 30 seconds and then place the stool upside down in the middle of the sheepskin and press firmly. Flip the stool over and leave to dry.

And that's it, you're done...how easy was that?! I now have visions of covering bar stools, foot stools...you name it. 

You can download a one-page instruction sheet for easy reference here.

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, have fun getting your DIY on team!

Julie x

Julie Stuart
Julie Stuart


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